Rate limits

Note: When a ticket is cancelled, that opens up a spot for another ticket to be issued

Rate limits allow you to put limits on how many tickets your location will be issuing for a given amount of time. Once these limits have been reached, the location will be unavailable to your customers. If disabled, your location will be able to issue an unlimited amount of tickets.

Adding Rate Limits

  1. On the edit location page, check the “Enable Rate Limits” toggle near the bottom of the page.
  2. Here you can do a few things:
    • Set the number of tickets that can be issued
    • Set the amount of time (per hour/day) before tickets can be issued again
    • Add a message to be displayed when rate limits have been exceeded (optional)
  3. Click save and you’re done!

You may want to add a message for when your location’s rate limits have been exceeded to give your customers instructions. For example, you can let them know when tickets will next be available.

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