Location Status

There are three different statuses that a location can have:

  • Active – This is a location that is currently taking tickets and serving customers. Your customers can take tickets from this location at any time (within your ticket issuing hours, if enabled). This is the state most of your locations will be in.
  • Inactive – This is a location that is currently not taking tickets or serving customers. Your customers can’t take tickets from this location until you make the location Active. This is the default status a location will be created with (unless you change it). Use this when you have a location that’s not fully set up yet or one that you don’t want to share with your customers yet.
  • Removed – Similar to Inactive, but do not show up in the location list. Think of this as a soft delete. You can access your removed locations by navigating to the location list and checking the Show All checkbox, then editing the location and changing its status.
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